Lake Cabin



You must be at least 25 years of age to rent this property.  Your signature on the rental agreement and deposit is evidence you are accepting the rental agreement as written and intend to use this property as stated in the rental agreement.  

Please review the rental agreement carefully and if you agree, please complete the agreement, sign and return the agreement.


The primary individual completing the Short-Term Rental Agreement will be known as the "primary renter". 


The Homeowner will be your "property manager" during your stay.


After the signed rental agreement and the final payment has been received, home details, including keycode and WiFi will be emailed to the primary renter.


CHECK-IN:  4:00 pm CST       Unless otherwise approved

CHECK-OUT: 10:00 am CST   Unless otherwise approved.

Please do not attempt to check in to the property early.  The property is monitored by a security system and you will be charged for early access if prior approval was not given.


The security system is deactivated once the "primary renter" has arrived on the property.  The only camera which remains active is the camera which monitors the garage.

Cabin Bedroom


By signing the rental agreement, the primary renter certifies that he/she has read, and fully understands all content, and will abide by the rules and policies set forth by the property manager.  If you agree to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and wish to complete your reservation, please sign the Rental Agreement.  The Rental Agreement must be completed, signed and returned prior to the primary renter’s arrival.


100% of all funds collected are returned with a cancellation notice 30 days prior to check-in, a cancellation between 14 and 30 days is a 50% refund, after that there is no refund.


If our home becomes unavailable prior to your occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances, the property manager will contact you immediately.  The property manager will refund 100% of any payments made or schedule your trip for a different date.  The property manager reserves the right to cancel any reservation if full payment is not received at least 30 days prior to the arrival date.


100% of all funds collected are returned with a cancellation notice 30 days prior to check-in, a cancellation between 14 and 30 days is a 50% refund, after that there is no refund.


Primary renter and their guests shall not disturb, annoy, endanger (fireworks or firearms) or inconvenience neighbors nor use the premises for any unlawful purposes.  No parties are permitted without consent of the property manager.


50% deposit is required at time of booking to hold your vacation rental.  The balance is due 30 days prior to check-in.  We accept most major credit cards, PayPal, Money Orders, and personal checks for the initial deposit.  A service fee will be charged for returned checks.  Final payment must be made by money order, PayPal or credit card.


A $300 refundable damage deposit is charged on your final payment.  The damage deposit is returned once the property has been inspected and will be returned within 14 to 21 days after check-out.  The following damages and fees for which a security deposit may be withheld include, but are not limited to: damaged, missing and/or broken property items, excessive household cleaning requirements, carpet staining, unapproved pets, damage attributed to pets, damage attributed to the use of tobacco or smoking tobacco products in the home, tobacco products improperly disposed of on the property, any and all other damages to the home by the primary renter and their guests. 


  • Smoking in the home: Full Deposit

  • Pet(s) brought to the home without approval: Full Deposit

  • Garbage not in bags: $50, because we must bag it for you.  Please call if you need more bags!

  • Unapproved early check-in or late check out: $100

  • Lawn damage from driving on lawn or grass:  As needed for repair

  • Picking up excess dog waste $100

  • Cleaning of grill(s) $100

  • Missing towels $25, Missing washcloths $5


A $250 cleaning fee is charged on your rental.  Primary renters are required to follow the House Rules and their guests must abide by the house rules as well.  

A $150 pet fee is charged for up to 2 dogs.  No cats are allowed on the premises.


The key box contains one set of keys.  There is a $25 service fee in the event you lose or misplace the keys, which is stated in the rental contract. The key code to access the box was sent to the primary renter in your welcome email.  Doggie bags are provided for you and are located in the downstairs drawer by the door.  Please police your pets waste. 

We do have a security system on the premises. The security system will be turned off once the primary renter has arrived on the premises.  The security system is for the protection of our property when the house is not occupied.

The Wi-Fi password will be sent to you in your welcome email. In the event you cannot locate the Wi-Fi password please give the property manager a call @ 931-260-3560.  Netflix has a passcode and is NOT provided during your stay. The Parental Code is also not provided during your stay.


There is no smoking in the house, or on the decks. Please smoke in the driveway and dispose of your cigarette waste in a safe, appropriate manner, such as a can with water. If you use chewing tobacco, please do not use it in the house. Do not put cigarette waste in the trash unless fully extinguished.  Also, do not leave butts in the driveway.

Please do not rearrange the furniture as it may scratch the hardwood floors. The ottoman may be moved to the chair or sofa both upstairs and downstairs, but please be gentle.


There are 2 extra chairs and a table leaf for the main floor dining table. They are located in the 2nd bedroom closet on the upper level, when installed will seat six (6).

Please put your trash in the bags we have provided (gray bags) and place them in the trash receptacle outside of the garage. Trash is picked up on Tuesday and/or Friday by our local contractor.  If you need more bags, please give the property manager a call and more will be provided for you.

If you have brought your dog(s) they are not allowed on the furniture.

The house is on a septic system. Please do not dispose of any items in the toilets other than toilet paper.

Cabin Room


Please set the air conditioning to 70 degrees and/or the heat to 68 before departing. Also leave the “fan” setting to AUTO, do not change it to any other setting.

Please pull the sheets off all the beds which have been used and leave them on the floor in front of the beds.

Please place all used towels in the washing machine, with detergent and softener and start the towels.

If you utilized the dishwasher please put the clean dishes away before departure. Please do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, the sink stand or in the dishwasher.

Remove the trash from all cans, place them in gray trash bags and put them in the outside receptacle by the garage.


The grill tools are in the deck box on the top level. There are extra propane tanks and many accessories for the Blackstone and regular grill.  Please leave us a note if one of the propane tanks is out of propane so we can fill it for the next client.


Using the Blackstone- please place the Blackstone on the pad marked Blackstone. It is there for a reason. You CANNOT use it under the cover of the deck it will warp the overhead ceiling which will become your responsibility if ceiling is damaged in anyway. If there is any surface rust, turn the grill on low and use some olive oil to re-season the grill.


Do not throw the grease from the tray into the yard. Dispose of the grease from the tray once it has cooled with paper towels. Do not dispose of any grease in the kitchen sink. Soak up the grease and place paper towels in a garbage bag. Please turn off the propane tank.


Please place the regular grill on the mat. It is also there for a reason. You CANNOT use it close to the deck railing because it may warp the railing due to the heat, you will be responsible for the replacement of the railing if it is damaged. Please clean the grill grates the best you can.  All cleaning supplies are provided for you and are in the deck box.

The grills are provided for your enjoyment. If the cleaning person has to clean them, we incur an additional fee which will be removed from your security deposit as stated in your rental agreement.

Please pull all the blinds down and close them.

We hoped you enjoyed our home and hope you stay with us again. Please try to leave our home the same way you found it so other guests may enjoy 625 Frisco Lane.

In the event there is an issue with the rental, please contact us or send the property manager a text message and we will get back to as soon as possible. We are on EST.

Property Manager Day (931-260-3560) 6am – 7pm
Property Manager Night (931-260-2287) 7pm – 6am


The parties agree to the terms of this Short Term Rental Agreement, as evidenced by the signatures set forth below.


This home is privately owned; the owners are NOT responsible for any Guest accidents, injuries or illnesses which occur while the Primary renter and guest(s) are in or on the premises of its facilities.  The Property manager is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the Primary renter or guests.  By accepting this rental agreement, it is agreed all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their own use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.